Cam Houser


Educator and University of Texas professor known for developing experiential education programs serving 15,000 people in 200 countries

Joel Hestness

Founder/Technical Advisor

Internationally recognized machine and deep learning expert, researcher, and entrepreneur


The key to winning the race is not to compete against machines but to compete with machines. Fortunately, humans are strongest exactly where computers are weak, creating a potentially beautiful partnership.

Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

Artificial Intelligence + Room Intelligence

Most people have unrealistic expectations around Artificial Intelligence. Their disappointment is well-founded: AI consistently fails at cognitive tasks that a four year old can accomplish with ease.

Room Intelligence is a term that describes the collective wisdom of a gathering of people guided by a facilitator and a process. The last time you attended a workshop that gave you inspiration and insights and results? That was Room Intelligence.

Room Intelligence is the missing link for Artificial Intelligence. It bridges the gaps and complements the weaknesses of AI.

At Actionworks, we mix humans (from companies, universities, and governments) with algorithms trained on interesting topics (from business books to psychology textbooks to everything Paul Graham ever wrote) to create a process that helps organizations innovate.