Cam Houser

Actionworks is a Zoom era education company led by Cam Houser.

Cam is an internationally recognized startup founder, facilitator, and professor known for building online and offline programs helping 20,000 people use the methods and mindsets of entrepreneurs. He works with:

  • Founders ($187 million investor capital raised, exits to Google and Etsy)
  • Organizations (Apple, GE Aviation)
  • Students (University of Texas, Stanford, MIT and 250 other institutions)

He is best known for leading and scaling 3 Day Startup, an entrepreneurship education organization, to deliver on-the-ground programs in 35 countries.

Video Introduction

Despite pandemics, globalization, and technology acceleration, one group continues to thrive: entrepreneurs and startups. From processes to tool adoption to culture, these groups have advantages that others do not.

The mission of Actionworks is to help organizations and individuals leverage the advantages of entrepreneurs and startups.

AI thesis

The key to winning the race is not to compete against machines but to compete with machines. Fortunately, humans are strongest exactly where computers are weak, creating a potentially beautiful partnership.

Don Norman, The Design of Everyday Things

One of the more experimental aspects of Actionworks focuses on how Natural Language Processing AI can be used as learning and feedback tools.

Artificial Intelligence + Group Intelligence

Most people have unrealistic expectations around Artificial Intelligence. Their disappointment is well-founded: AI consistently fails at cognitive tasks that a four year old can accomplish with ease.

Group Intelligence is a term that describes the collective wisdom that emerges from a gathering of people led by a skilled facilitator and a robust process. The last time you attended a workshop that gave you inspiration and insights and results? That was Group Intelligence.

Group Intelligence is the missing link for Artificial Intelligence. It bridges the gaps and complements the weaknesses of AI.

At Actionworks, we mix humans (from companies, universities, and governments) with algorithms trained on interesting topics (from business books to psychology textbooks to everything Paul Graham ever wrote) to create a process that leads to innovation.